The Ideal Dessert

Dessert is the final course that usually concludes a meal. It is the final course that is taken after one finishes the main course. It mainly consists of sweet snacks. Depending on different cultures, desserts are of different types.

Types of desserts

Desserts range from biscuits, cookies, pastries, pies, puddings, cakes, ice cream and even sweets. Basically anything sweet can be classified in the dessert category. Fruits also shouldn’t be forgotten, they are also part of this because of its natural sweetness. In fact fruit is the most common for it is used by most cultures across the world. Pudding in itself comprises of different kinds of fruit put together to produce a satisfactory food that contains vitamins.Never Dessert You

Big business

Baking and supplying of desserts is big business nowadays. They are present in most restaurants as it has become increasingly popular. Enter any restaurant and you will find they have become a standard staple in their menus, with different degrees of variety. There are also many commercial stores which have established themselves as solely dessert stores. They just specialize in selling all kinds of desserts to their customers. Suppliers are equally making profits through the supply of desserts and its ingredients as well. So it is a big business and you are guaranteed to succeed as long as you make quality products that are guaranteed to attract customers and increase your sales.

Purpose of dessert meals

During every meal there are certain steps we take before beginning and during the end of every meal. First there is the appetizer which prepares you for the main course, it mostly consists of soup. After the appetizer then comes the main course which is the actual food you had been waiting for ore the one you had ordered. After the main course now comes the dessert. Dessert is especially important because its contents which of course are mostly sugary for sweetening help to metabolize food. It also helps to sweeten the mouth after a heavy meal, it helps to remove remaining odor from the mouth depending on what you will have consumed. It basically helps to wash the mouth and leaves it with a more sweet taste and also cleans certain germs left after eating. It also increases vitamins and minerals in the body.


Due to it being a sweet course meal, desserts mostly contain sugar as its nutritional content. To give it that sweet feeling it has to contain a lot of sugar and sugary ingredients to become dessert. There are other desserts though which may contain other nutritional content other than sugar. These are the nuts and dark chocolate which don’t contain a lot of sugar.


As any other thing there are always exceptions. Dessert as highly as it is recommended for any diet, should be avoided by certain people like diabetics or people with high blood pressure. This is because of its sugar contents which might prove harmful to these people. There are the other desserts which they can be advised to take like fruits but most of them which have a lot of sugar content they are advised to avoid. So it being a meal full of nutrients, it can also be harmful to others. Children also of certain age groups are advised not to take too much sugar content foods. They are entitled to desserts yes but not of the same kind all the time. Mothers should watch how they feed them and should make sure they follow a strict diet to avoid any harm that might be brought to their body or teeth which are the most commonly affected.


Not only children are advised to watch the amount of sugar they take in from these deserts. Adults as well also have a chance of affecting their body and teeth if they consume too much sugar. In certain cases it is highly recommended that the dessert food be alternated from time to time. If one day you take cake, the next you take fruit and maybe just coffee alone. This alternating helps the body and teeth not to get too used to the same sugary content that will end up bringing cavity to your teeth.
Desserts are essential meals in any household and are important to build the body.